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Started and completed in a living room in Austria. I had never planned to make an album when doing these songs.


released April 26, 2016

[cel 10]




[cel 10] Flanders, Belgium

Born 09.11.1987 in Liverpool, UK. I like to make noise and make it available here. Thank you for stopping by.

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Track Name: Emit The Dead
You're taking a side, you're taken back.
You're racing from the back of a limousine race track.
Hunting a prey you'll never own, this is getting me down.

Inhale your hero and you'll be fine.
Living like a soldier on the firing line.
Come back baby get me down.

Emit the dead, someday released.
Take your foreplay off the leash.
And watch me rip your face apart, this is getting me down.
Track Name: Reds
Stand. Your iron fist. Your lucky hand.
What it came to, I can't even understand.
Instead of this, a dying man.
A dying land, we die outside.
When it rains we think it'll wash away the tide.
When outside is dead we bring the dead inside.
When your mind is set you're dying all of the time.
And time is dying. Time dies.

What is left are only things we try to hide.
Hiding only things we left behind.

Stand. And if we fall we will be falling hand in hand.
Give and take the hate, a fate that they demand.
Selling souls just to undo what they had planned.
Selling souls just to climb higher.
Track Name: This Is My Design
I, the holy man. I'm the fucking man.
I am the one with the answers, Father Time.
All of these pastures, understand this.
All of this will soon be mine.
This is my design.

Life, the promised land. The fucks that I don't give.
I am an oil man. I am God himself.
And what I don't have, I will buy it up.
I will buy your love, I will buy you.
Life, in my hands. Fucking metaphor.
I am every man. I am you.
And all that I am not is everything else.
I will buy you out, you fucking animals.

This is it, this is mine.
All of my actions, all of the time.
This is what I am and I feel fine.
This is my design.
Track Name: Head In A Vice
It's a reflex, a door. Wide open to us all.
You head south, finding the edge of the world isn't where it was before.
Nearly a year since I was ready to go.
Makes you stronger, makes me stronger anyway.
I'd do it again and again.
Turn back you won't return.
There will be nothing to go back to.
I'll wait for you.

Take another step, walk in line, head south.
The voices are held outside.
You're feeding on a drip. Your head is in a vice.
Feel it in your hands, tired hands, another cigarette.
You're not alone. You're not alone.
And it is all new ground, heading south, looking down.
Looking all around.

And your heart beats on and on, it never gives you away.
Your soul will carry you all of the way home.
And I'll wait for you.